IGP Lazio Chardonnay

Chardonnay is an international white grape variety typical of France that forms the basis of many great wines produced all over the world: from Europe to New Zealand, California via Australia and Argentina. Its aromatic bouquet, however, is expressed very differently according to the characteristics of the growing area while always remaining very elegant and enveloping. This extraordinary grape variety, moreover, is the basis for the production of most of the classic method sparkling wines in Italy {ES. Franciacorta) and the world and is endowed with great aging capabilities. Its origins are undoubtedly very ancient and linked to various legends. Some claim that it is a Middle Eastern variety while others even trace it back to Illyria. According to one of the best-known theories this grape variety was born in the hills surrounding Jerusalem, an ideal territory for its cultivation due to the massive presence of clay. The first Crusaders returning from the Holy Land brought this wine to Europe called Porte de Dieu, as it was grown outside the walls of Jerusalem believed to be the Temple of God. The Hebrew translation of this name was precisely Shahar Adonay. Beyond these theories, historically we know that this vine was originally planted in France by the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of Pontigny from where it then spread throughout Burgundy, France, Italy and the world beginning in the 19th century.