Olio EVO - Monocultivar ITRANA bottiglia singola

Color: yellow-green.
Aromas: green (like green tomato) that evolves ti pleasant and balanced notes of bitter and spicy at the end.
Pairings: pasta with tomato fillet, panzanella, caprese, marinated tuna, steamed vegetables, legume soups, white first courses with shellfish, grilled fish, grilled pork and medium-aged cheeses.
It confers great value on fries and is highly appreciated in pastry.
Packaging: Valuable 500ML bottle in an elegant box
Olive harvest: 2019

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Extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from the fruits of the olive groves owned by the Molino '7Cento farm located in the municipality of Cori (LT), at about 220mt above sea level, according to traditional techniques that pass from manual harvesting to milling within a few hours.

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